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Our services are not just for trucking companies, with our installed tracking devices, we can help you with tracking of Heavy Machinery and the time it is being used, Landscaping services to ensure that employees are not utilizing company assets for "side jobs", Taxi companies, to ensure the best route for your drivers, and if the unthinkable happens, the tracking of stolen equipment.

Our parent company has been tracking field employees since 2005, so we have the experience to help you manage your field service company, whether it be pool maintenance, HVAC service, door repairs, etc.. we have the solutions for you, including our mobile apps that track a phone in real time, with updates every 30 seconds, and ways to create service / maintenance reports that show the GPS location of where the report is created. Our services also allow attachments of pictures taken right from the field, that will give documented proof to your clients that the services rendered were indeed performed.

Our services can also send an email notification of your arrival and departure to the service address, and also email a copy of the service document with the images.

Destiny Tracking is a GPS tracking service provider, and device manufacturer providing Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management, along with live tracking of individuals with our mobile apps.

Knowing where your employees, vehicles, and assets are at all times will give you the information to make time and money-saving decisions with confidence, and in real time.